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Websites of interest to word puzzle aficionados, plus links to other sites created by Arthur Bloch.
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Ray Hamel's Crossword Puzzle Page
A good list of crossword puzzle resources on the web.

The Puzzle Depot
Devoted to puzzles, board games, trivia, related books and software, including shareware. Also, home of the Crossword Express puzzle creator for educators, parents, web site owners, and editors.

Crossword puzzle software for solvers and designers.

A1 Puzzles
Interactive crosswords, jigsaw puzzles and trivia.

The Puzzle connection
Crossword and Word Search construction kits and weekly puzzles.

Games and Puzzles
Listing of games and puzzles on the Internet. A UK site.

Games Resources
Directory of games related websites.

Puzzling Things
Intriguing things predominantly related to the use of the mind.

Big List of Puzzle and Riddle Pages
Comprehensive list of puzzles and riddles sites on the internet.

Michael Smith's Crossword Home Page
Links to crossword puzzles.

Word Puzzler's Corner
A large weekly crossword.

Interactive crossword site. Win $$$$$.

Strawberry Macaw's Puzzle Page
Logic puzzles and other on-line problems to solve.

Forget-Me-Not Shareware
A daily encrypted quote and shareware to use to solve it.

Interactive, downloadable word game.

Riddles, puzzles, & IQ tests.

Logic and math puzzles and riddles.

Crafty Puzzles
Puzzles, Brain teasers, Jigsaws, Unique 3d wooden puzzle toys.

Arthur M. Young Page
One of the greatest minds of our time. Books, essays, organizations devoted to furthering the ideas of cosmologist Arthur M. Young.

Hypersphere Design
Listing of sites designed by Arthur Bloch.

Thinking Allowed Television Series and Video Collection
A national public television series and extensive video library -- featuring leading writers and explorers in consciousness research, psychology, philosophy, personal and spiritual development, health and healing, etc.

The Hypersphere
Colorful, flexible seven-fold model of the evolving universe.